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Clarity HA40 In Line Phone Amplifier

The Clarity HA40 Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier is more than just an amplifier: it is a promise of premium features and convenience. With Clarity Power technology, conversation on your telephone is clearer and easier to understand than ever before. The HA40 offers conveniently portable power, allowing you to take your calls anywhere with you. Whether in the office or on vacation, this amplifier is always ready to give you crystal-clear sound at your fingertips! In short, the HA-40 Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier will quickly become your go-to accessory for crisp vocal clarity no matter where you call from. Get ready for limitless access to improved conversations with the premium Clarity HA40 Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier.
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Miracell Ear Drops Pro Ear-for itchy, irritated ears, 0.5 oz

Miracell™ is a natural ear canal health product made with a concentrated blend of pure botanical extracts. This all-natural solution can help with dryness, tenderness, itching, and irritation in the ears, promoting healthy ear canals. It is a safe, effective way to alleviate symptoms associated with ear discomfort. Use Miracell™ to provide relief to aching, tender, and irritated ears.
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Audinell Cleaning Spray 30ml w/brush

Audinell Cleaning Spray 30ml w/brush is a specially formulated cleaning solution for hearing aids. The cleaning spray effectively removes dirt, earwax, and other debris from hearing aids, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The package comes with an anti-rotation brush for easy application and maximum cleaning coverage. The alcohol-free formula is gentle on hearing aids and safe for use on all types of devices. Keep your hearing aids in pristine condition with Audinell Cleaning Spray 30ml w/brush.
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Clarity BT914HS Bluetooth Spare Handset for BT914

The Clarity BT914 Bluetooth Cordless Phone is a versatile amplified phone that allows you to enjoy amplified calls without the need for a landline. With Bluetooth connectivity, it can pair with up to two Bluetooth phones, headsets, or accessories, providing flexibility and convenience. This phone also includes a landline jack, allowing it to take both landline and mobile calls. The Clarity BT914 features the patented Clarity Power technology, which amplifies incoming sounds up to 40dB, ensuring clear and loud conversations. With an easy-to-read Caller ID display and customizable ringtones, you can easily distinguish between different calls. The phone is expandable, allowing you to add up to five additional handsets for multiple users in the household. It is also hearing aid compatible for enhanced accessibility. Experience amplified and clear calls with the Clarity BT914 Bluetooth Cordless Phone.
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QuietOn active Noise Cancelling earplugs Regular

With QuietOn, the world's best active noise-cancelling earbuds, you're just one click away from experiencing the blissful restorative power of restful sleep. It is perfect for travel, noisy environments, commuters, and those living in noisy neighbourhoods. These innovative earplugs are ideal for everyone, from frequent travellers who want to drown out the din of the aeroplane cabin or motorcycle engine.
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Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep


Are you one of the millions who suffer from snoring? Tired of being kept up at night due to endless noise and disruption? We have the perfect solution: Serenity Choice™ Sleep.

It is a revolutionary product that reduces noise levels caused by snoring up to 24 dB. That's a huge difference when you consider that moderate snoring can reach 50-60 dB while severe snoring could be as loud as 90 dB, the same noise level as a car horn!

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Serene Innovations CA-CX Central Alert Phone Signaler

The perfect fusion of modern technology and reliability, this advanced device is designed to provide you with effortless communications notifications. Now you can stay on top of all your incoming calls, text messages, Skype™, Facebook chats, and FaceTime™—without needing to constantly check your phone!
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Williams Sound Behind the Head Headphone

The Williams Sound Behind the Head Headphone is designed for comfortable and convenient use. With a headband that wraps around the back of the head, this headphone provides a secure fit while delivering clear, mono sound. It features a 3.5mm plug, making it compatible with a wide range of devices. Whether you have mild to moderate hearing loss or simply prefer a headphone that doesn't cover your ears, this product offers a practical solution. It is suitable for use with Williams Sound FM and infrared receivers, ensuring compatibility with various audio systems. The sleek black design adds a touch of style to your listening experience. Experience audio clarity and comfort with the Williams Sound Behind the Head Headphone.
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