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Assistive listening devices can go by many names including personal listening device, assistive listening systems or personal amplifiers but they are all essentially the same type of device.  They help to amplify the speech or the sound you want over all other noise.  So they aren’t quiet a hearing aid but have some of the same features of a hearing aid. The job of an ALD is usually a combination of the following:

  • Boost the volume of what or who you are listening too, which can include speech only amplification
  • Minimize the background noise around you to make speech easier to hear
  • Improve poor acoustics such as echo or distortion (tv and music as an example)


Some assistive listening devices include more advance noise cancelling technology, apps to control settings and features or specifically amplify speech so they are more advanced than those sound amplifiers you see featured in late night commercials.  Some like IQbuds Boost are actually classified as an ‘intelligent’ earbud offering a suite of advanced functions.


There are different devices for different situations.

  • Amplified Phones – Designed to amplify speech and make it easier to hear the caller on the other end they come in standard and cordless versions.
  • TV Listening Devices – Like the Vitasound P200 for instance it is designed to amplify the tv volume for just you and no one else.  It’s perfect for those that have family complaining that the TV is too loud.
  • Personal Amplifiers – Like the Vitasound P300 it’s an all round amplifier that works for conversations, TV, talking on the phone but includes an ipod sized electronic device that must be carried around in a pocket or purse or worn around the neck. They can include noise cancelling features to help hear in loud environments and a mode to help bring relief from Tinitus as well.
  • Intelligent Personal Amplifiers – Like IQbuds Boost which has even been compared to entry level hearing aids at a fraction of the cost. The are a truly wireless earbud that works off bluetooth and can connects with a smart phone to stream calls, music, connect with Google Assistant or Siri for voice commands and includes an app that helps to customize the earbuds for your specific hearing needs.


Which assistive listening device is right for you depends on the situation you need help listening in.  If it’s simply phone calls that are the most difficult than a amplified phone would make sense, or a personal audio amplifer could also be used but only if you also need help in other situations.  If you struggle to hear the TV when listening with family or want to listen in bed while your partner sleeps then an TV listening device is your best bet and much more comfortable than those bulky headsets found at electronic stores.  If you need help at work or in noisy environments and most areas of your life than a personal audio amplifier is a better option for you.  They typically include some level of noise cancelling and work great in loud environments such as work, restaurants, malls, downtown areas etc.  Which device you choose can also come down to budget, convenience and more.  For instance a Vitasound P300 device is less expensive than IQbuds or IQbuds Boost but also requires you to carry around in your pocket or purse the amplification device. Where as IQbuds fit in your ear and are more discreet.  IQbuds Boost also offer a suite of additional features such as advanced noise cancelling and a smart phone app that will test your hearing and customize the earbuds for specifically your hearing challenges. Which is why they are considered a bridge between personal amplifiers and a hearing aid.  Obviously these extra features come with a price but depending on your situation you may find it worth it and if you break out the cost of time, efficiency and daily use they may actually not seem that much more.

Clarity Alto Amplified Phone

The Clarity Alto Amplified Phone is the perfect solution for individuals with mild to severe hearing loss. This certified phone amplifies incoming sounds up to 53 decibels and outgoing speech up to 15 decibels, ensuring crystal-clear call quality. It is the first phone on the market to receive TIA-4953 certification, meeting the new industry standards for amplified telephones. The ergonomic volume and tone control make it easy to adjust the settings, catering to the needs of individuals with arthritis or dexterity issues. With features like a built-in speakerphone, one-touch speed dial memory buttons, and a soft touch backlight keypad, this phone offers convenience and accessibility. The Clarity Alto Amplified Phone also includes extras such as Clarity VoiceAssist talking keypad, headset, neckloop, and bedshaker ports, and a bright visual ringer for enhanced notification. With TIA-1083 compliance for hearing aid compatibility and a battery backup for uninterrupted communication during power outages, this phone is designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals with hearing impairments. Experience amplified sound and clear communication with the Clarity Alto Amplified Phone.
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Clarity BT914 Bluetooth Cordless Phone

The Clarity BT914 Bluetooth Cordless Phone is a versatile amplified phone that allows you to enjoy amplified calls without the need for a landline. With Bluetooth connectivity, it can pair with up to two Bluetooth phones, headsets, or accessories, providing flexibility and convenience. This phone also includes a landline jack, allowing it to take both landline and mobile calls. The Clarity BT914 features the patented Clarity Power technology, which amplifies incoming sounds up to 40dB, ensuring clear and loud conversations. With an easy-to-read Caller ID display and customizable ringtones, you can easily distinguish between different calls. The phone is expandable, allowing you to add up to five additional handsets for multiple users in the household. It is also hearing aid compatible for enhanced accessibility. Experience amplified and clear calls with the Clarity BT914 Bluetooth Cordless Phone.
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Clarity D714 Cordless Phone w/Answering Machine

The Clarity D714 Cordless Phone is ideal for anyone seeking a reliable, clear connection. With more than 40 years of innovation, this phone offers superior technology and easy to use features. Our thoughtful design will make it easy for you to find what you need with the biggest buttons that are clearly labeled and visible. With an answering machine included, you can conveniently receive calls without the hassle.
Experience the premium sound clarity powered by advanced Hear Clearly technology and amplify conversations up to 50 decibels—our loudest level ever! Enjoy superior call quality right at home with a comfortable range of up to 400 feet outside your house or 200 feet inside your home.
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Sennheiser SET 860 Digital Wireless TV Listening

Rediscover the joy of sound with Sennheiser’s Set 860 Digital Wireless TV Listening System. This device allows for an enhanced and crystal clear listening experience, making it the perfect companion for users with changing hearing needs. The proprietary technology behind this system provides intuitive features including pre-set hearing profiles and enhanced speech clarity, allowing you to optimize your listening experience.
Experience intuitive audio customization that is tailored to fit your individual hearing needs. Enjoy instant access to customizable volume control for each ear, allowing you to adjust the sound exactly how you like it without leaving you guessing. With Sennheiser’s Set 860 Digital Wireless TV Listening System, a hassle-free setup ensures maximum enjoyment right out of the box.
Revolutionize your auditory experience with one of the most advanced technologies on the market. Treat yourself to superior sound quality that will take your TV listening pleasure to another level! Get ready to discover newfound depth in audio and treat yourself or a loved one today with Sennheiser’s Set 860 Digital Wireless TV Listening System - precision engineering at its finest!
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Sennheiser TV Listening Digital Wireless Headphone RS 2000

The RS 2000 is a revolutionary digital wireless device that offers unparalleled convenience and comfort for TV viewers. Its sleek, intuitive design will make controlling your favorite programs a breeze, with no need to worry about wires or cables getting in the way. The battery life of the RS 2000 is also impressive, allowing you to enjoy your TV for hours without interruption. Get ready to experience a whole new level of entertainment with the RS 2000!
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Sennheiser TVS Listening 200 earbuds

The Sennheiser TVS Listening 200 earbuds are wireless TV earbuds that provide crystal-clear audio and enhanced dialogue for an immersive TV viewing experience. With features like Speech Clarity technology, comfortable design, and Bluetooth connectivity, these earbuds offer a personalized and convenient way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies.
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Sennheiser TVS Listening Clear Set 200

Elevate your television experience with the TV Clear Set, combining crystal-clear dialogue and the discreet comfort of lightweight True Wireless earbuds. Immerse yourself in advanced clarity with the option to choose from 5 Speech Clarity levels, catering to your unique listening preferences. The ergonomic design ensures a secure fit, effectively blocking out external noise for an uninterrupted TV session. When needed, activate the Ambient Awareness mode to stay aware of your surroundings. With the included transmitter, connecting to your TV is effortless, and the integrated Bluetooth feature allows you to enjoy audio or make calls while on the move. Experience TV like never before with the TV Clear Set.
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VitaSound TV Listening Device | PAE-200

exceptional clarity, free from noisy distractions. Our revolutionary device allows you to enhance your listening experience by using high end earbuds (included) or any compatible headphones of popular brands such as Bose®, BeatsTM by Dr. DreTM, Apple®, Atrio® and others. Put quality first and take control over your entertainment with prime sound quality without compromising comfort and convenience. With advanced pairing options, it's easy to customize the audio experience you deserve - making VitaSound PAE-200 the perfect choice for enjoying a sophisticated audio feast that needs no volume to be heard loud and clear.
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