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Clarity Ameriphone JV35 vs. Clarity AltoPlus Amplified Phones


Ever been caught in the debate of choosing the right amplified phone? Especially when the contest is between two titans like the Clarity Ameriphone JV35 with Black Keys and the Clarity AltoPlus? Well, you’re in luck, as today, we’re diving deep to compare these two models! 

Design Features

Clarity Ameriphone JV35:

The JV35 boasts black, pronounced keys making it visually striking and practical for those with vision challenges. Its design whispers elegance while prioritizing function.

Clarity AltoPlus:

On the other hand, the AltoPlus takes a more minimalistic approach. The design, while understated, is equally functional and boasts a modern touch.


Clarity AltoPlus Amplified Phone

Introducing the Clarity AltoPlus Amplified Phone - perfect for those wanting crystal clear, hands-free calling. With its loud and powerful speakerphone, you can communicate without having to hold up your phone. Customize every conversation with its four tone settings, allowing you to customize the sounds to optimize clarity.
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Clarity Ameriphone JV35 Amplified Phone W Black Keys

The Clarity Ameriphone JV35 Amplified Phone with Black Keys is a user-friendly telephone designed for individuals with low vision and moderate-to-severe hearing loss. It features an amplified sound up to 50 decibels, powered by Digital Clarity Power™ technology, delivering crystal-clear, high-quality sound. The phone is equipped with extra-large Braille buttons, making it easy to locate and dial numbers accurately. It also includes an electronic voice that repeats each dialed number, providing additional assistance for those with visual impairments. The JV35 offers adjustable volume and tone controls for incoming calls, allowing users to customize their listening experience. With a visual ring indicator and an extra loud ringer, it ensures that incoming calls are easily noticeable. This phone is also compatible with hearing aids, enhancing the communication experience. Experience clear sound and convenient dialing with the Clarity Ameriphone JV35 Amplified Phone with Black Keys.
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Sound Amplification Abilities

Clarity Ameriphone JV35:

Ever been to a rock concert? The JV35 can make everyday calls feel just as clear (but not as loud, don’t worry!). It amplifies sounds without distortion, making every call a delight.

Clarity AltoPlus:

The AltoPlus isn’t far behind. With sound clarity that rivals the smooth tunes of jazz, it offers a balanced amplification that’s hard to beat.

Usability & Interface

Button Layout:

Clarity Ameriphone JV35:

Its black keys aren’t just for show. They’re larger, tactile, and designed with user ease in mind. Perfect for those who fumble with smaller buttons.

Clarity AltoPlus:

The AltoPlus goes for a more standard layout. But, with its responsive buttons and intuitive design, it promises a hassle-free experience.

Screen and Display Features

The JV35 offers a clear display with contrast settings, while the AltoPlus comes with an adjustable backlight for varied lighting situations.

Pricing & Value

When it comes to value, both phones offer bang for your buck. But if you’re on a tight budget, the AltoPlus edges out just a bit.

User Feedback & Reviews

Both models have been embraced warmly, with users praising the JV35’s button layout and the AltoPlus’s sound quality. It’s a tie in this round!

Who Should Opt for Which Model?

For those looking for pronounced buttons and a more tactile experience, the JV35 is your match. If sound amplification and modern design tick your boxes, the AltoPlus beckons.


Both the Clarity Ameriphone JV35 and the Clarity AltoPlus Amplified Phones stand tall in their own right. It boils down to your preferences and needs. But one thing’s for sure: with either choice, communication will be as clear as a sunny day!

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