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IQ Boost Earbuds Vs IQbuds – What’s Different

Nuheara’s IQBuds burst onto the hearable world stage two years ago and immediately had the gadget and tech blogs buzzing about how great they were.  Now Nuheara has announced the release of Boost, their newer version of IQbuds.  Now available in Canada, the Boost is about $250 more than the IQbuds, a mid point between an IQbuds and a professional hearing aid. Many are wondering what the difference between the two is and which device is right for them.


IQbuds have a long list of impressive features that far surpass the standard earbud that simply plays music or answers a phone.  IQbuds are very different than traditional earbuds because of the way we combine intelligent hearing with noise cancellation, Bluetooth, voice recognition and more. Intelligent hearing, i.e. the ability to control how you hear the world around you, such as hearing speech in noisy social settings, requires very complex audio Digital Signal Processing expertise, which Nuheara has decades of experience in. Majority of the others on the market don’t have many of these features.

IQbuds are a lifestyle earbud that no only play music and answer a phone, but they are also noise canceling headphones to mute out background noise while traveling, or the perfect way to listen while working out, biking or on a motorcycle as you can customize how much outside noise to allow to be heard to maintain safety.  They also amplify speech in noisy crowded rooms.  They also have a great app that allows you to control many aspects of IQbuds.

With a comprehensive list like that, you must wonder what more the Boost can do.



IQbuds Boost earbuds simply grow and add on to where IQbuds left off.  They have added increased hearing functionalities that better amplify speech, reduce background noise and include an upgraded app that will assess your hearing and customize the Boost earbuds for your hearing specifically.  They learn how you hear and automatically adjusts the IQbuds to your hearing prescription. This personalized hearing experience is based on the assessment technology that has been independently and clinically validated as compared to conventional clinic-based audiometry. The combination results in an unmatched personalized listening experience. Some have called it an entry class hearing aid or assistive listening device for those that don’t want to invest in hearing aids.


Now that you know the amazing features of IQbuds and IQbuds Boost and what is different between both models, now see how they compare to some of the top and most popular truly wireless earbuds and headsets available on the market today.   You can compare core features such as Single Charge use times, whether they are water resistant or sweat proof, offer advanced features like noise cancelling and more.


  • Bluetooth Streaming: How long you can stream music via bluetooth in a single charge.
  • Hearing Processing: How long you can amplify speech in a single charge.
  • Truly Wireless: Whether it requires a cord to the phone or device connected to.
  • Water Resistant/Sweat Proof: Whether the headset can be resistant to water and sweat or if water will damage the device.
  • Handsfree Control: Can you control your phone from the earbuds or earphones most are compatible with Google Assistant and Siri.
  • iOS & Android Compatible: Has both an app for Android and Apple and works with both types of devices.
  • Low Latency Streaming for TV: Eliminates the lag between tv & video and sound.
  • Speech Amplification: Amplifies the speech of those around similar to a hearing aid.
  • Noise Cancellation: Uses noise cancellation technology to reduce or eliminate the effects of the noise outside around you.
  • Blended Audio Worlds: The ability to blend the outside world noise and your streaming of music or taking a call for situational awareness and safety.
  • Superior Sound for Calls & Music:  Has enhanced sound quality based on reviews submitted by actual users across several sites.
  • Customizable Fit: The earbud offers silicon or soft tips in different sizes to fit more ear sizes
  • Fast Charging: Can rapid charge, doesn’t include tracking of cases that have a battery for on the go charging.

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