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Clarity XLC8 Amplified Bluetooth Cordless Phone

landline and mobile phone worlds. This premium device makes voice calls loud and clear, with superior sound quality that you won’t find anywhere else. Utilizing advanced digital hearing technology, the XLC8 enables you to hear conversations with crystal clarity—even without a landline connection. Easy to use and customize to fit your lifestyle, the XLC8 pairs with your cell phone or other mobile devices for a seamless blend of modern communication functionality in one sophisticated product. With the CLARITY XLC8, stay connected like never before—enjoying premium amplified sound quality over both landlines and mobile devices.
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ClearSounds Amplified Telephone Ring Signaler

Introducing the ClearSounds Amplified Telephone Ring Signaler! This revolutionary device is designed to make your life easier and more efficient. Drawing attention to incoming calls with a 95dB signal tone and bright strobe flashes, you'll never miss an important call again. The built-in dual modular phone jack enables curbside installation in no time, and the optional ClearSounds SHK Vibrating Pad ensures that even in loud environments, you won't miss a beat. Thanks to this premium product, all of your communication needs are at your fingertips. Experience clarity and convenience with the ClearSounds Amplified Telephone Ring Signaler today!
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Clearsounds CSC600 Amplified Telephone White

The Clearsounds CSC600 Amplified Telephone White is a premium speakerphone that offers an exceptional user experience. It features advanced tone management technology, allowing you to customize the amplification and ringtone settings according to your preferences. With its top-notch design and incredible ergonomics, this phone provides ultimate comfort and ease of use.
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ClearSounds HD500 Handsfree Binaural Headset – for Phones

The ClearSounds HD500 Handsfree Binaural Headset is designed for phones with a 2.5mm headset jack. It offers improved sound clarity even in noisy environments, allowing you to have clear conversations without any distractions. The headset features a noise-cancelling, boom-style microphone that cuts down on background noise and delivers crisp, clear sound to the person you are talking to. It can be easily switched to fit either ear, providing flexibility and comfort during extended phone calls. The HD500 is a non-amplified headset, making it a perfect accessory for your mobile, cordless, or corded phone. With its sleek black design and lightweight construction, this headset is a reliable and convenient hands-free solution for your communication needs.
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ClearSounds iConnect A1600BT Amplified Cordless with Bluetooth

The ClearSounds iConnect A1600BT Amplified Cordless with Bluetooth is a versatile phone that combines the convenience of a cell phone with the advanced features and amplification capabilities of ClearSounds amplified phones. With the A1600BT, users have the option to make calls using their cell phone or the cordless handset, making it an ideal choice for those who rely on their cell phones for communication or want to save on long-distance charges.
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Clearsounds Spirit Amplified Corded Phone CSC500

Introducing the Clearsounds Spirit Amplified Corded Phone CSC500, your perfect companion for effortless and clear conversations. The CSC500 offers greater hearing clarity with a specialized amplification function of up to 30dB, allowing you to hear phone calls better than ever before. Not only is the phone compatible with cochlear implants and hearing aids equipped with T-Coils but it also allows you to have a hands-free conversation using the built-in speakerphone. Plus, you can keep all your important numbers in one place! Store up to 32-digit phone numbers in each of the eight photo frame buttons, meaning that recalling your contacts is super easy. You'll never miss another call either - thanks to the adjustable ringer volume which can be set as high as 85dB, enough to make sure you never miss a call again! With superior sound quality, reliability and ease of use make sure you get talking with Clearsounds Spirit Amplified Corded Phone CSC500 today!
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Clearsounds WIL95 Portable Telephone Amplifier

Introducing the Clearsounds WIL95 Portable Telephone Amplifier – a revolutionary solution to amplified sound. With 40 dB adjustable amplification and tone control, you can customize your sound experience to precisely meet your needs. Our product also features easy installation, so you can start hearing clearly in no time. Plus, every amplifier comes with free tech support for the life of the product!
The WIL95 Telephone Amplifier is an innovative and eco-friendly device that allows you to keep your existing telephone and get crystal clear sound when using it. With our specialized tone control technology, you can enjoy optimal sound quality without distortion or annoying background noise.
For those seeking premium quality sound on their existing phone line, the Clearsounds WIL95 Portable Telephone Amplifier blends top-of-the-line technology with sleek design that’s perfect for any home or office setting. Make conversations clear and enjoyable again with one simple device. Purchase yours now and hear the difference!
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Geemarc CL100 Corded Amplified Phone

For seniors, maintaining hearing health and well-being is crucial for staying connected with loved ones and the world around them. That's why a simple and easy-to-use phone can go a long way in improving their daily lives. With a large dialing keypad and nine one-touch memory dial buttons, this phone offers the convenience and accessibility that seniors need.
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