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Audeara A-01 Customizable Wireless Headphones

When you want the purest sound and experience, the Audeara A-01 Headphones are the perfect choice. The latest innovation in sound technology, these headphones are designed to give you the absolute best audio experience every single time. Powered by a bespoke health-check algorithm, they accurately create a personalised sound profile based on your unique hearing abilities.
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BeHear ACCESS (Model II)

Hearing amplifier for live conversations, mobile calls, streamed audio, looped venues
  • Easy to tune, even without the BeHear smartphone app!
  • Full customization and advanced features via BeHear app
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for amplified phone calls and audio steaming
  • Large control buttons and charging cradle for ease of use
  • Built-in tinnitus masking sound therapy
  • Rechargeable for up to 13 hours of use
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BeHear Family TV Bundle

2 BeHear NOW + 1 HearLink PLUS
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A simple yet powerful personal hearing amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Hand-held or body-worn personal hearing amplifier
  • Can be used “out-of-the-box”, or programmed based on hearing test
  • Provides up to 70dB hearing boost
  • Supplied with two types of wired headsets: “on ear” and “in-ear”
  • Use for live conversations, mobile calls, and streamed audio from a cell phone, TV, computer, or music player
  • Includes built-in tinnitus sound therapy
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Doc’s ProPlug Vented (various sizes)

Doc's ProPlug Vented are earplugs designed for water sports enthusiasts, swimmers, and surfers. They are made with medical-grade silicone material and feature a unique venting system to maintain proper ear ventilation while keeping water out. Doc's ProPlug Vented comes in various sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for all ear shapes and sizes. They are reusable and come with a handy storage case. Doc's ProPlug Vented is an ideal solution for those looking to protect their ears while enjoying their favorite water activities.
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Extra headset for Sennheiser Set 860 & 880

Original price was: $342.90.Current price is: $299.99.
Get the most out of your Sennheiser Set 860 or Set 880 by adding an extra headset receiver with the Sennheiser RR800 Receiver. This convenient add-on lets you easily charge on your existing docking station and expand the use of your Sennheiser system. Note: the RR800 requires a Sennheiser Set 860 or 880 to function.
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Jabra Elite 10 True Wireless Earbuds – Cream

Experience Elite Audio with Jabra Elite 10 Earbuds: Dive into unmatched sound quality with the Jabra Elite 10 True Wireless Earbuds. Featuring revolutionary ComfortFit technology, advanced Active Noise Cancellation, and Spatial Sound with Dolby Head Tracking, these earbuds offer a truly immersive audio experience. Enjoy seamless device connectivity via Bluetooth Multipoint, and stay powered all day with up to 27 hours of battery life. Perfect for work, travel, or leisure, the Jabra Elite 10 earbuds adapt to your lifestyle, providing crystal-clear sound wherever you go.
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Jabra Elite 10 True Wireless Earbuds – Gloss Black

Elevate Your Audio Experience with Jabra Elite 10 Earbuds - Gloss Black: Discover the pinnacle of sound technology with the Jabra Elite 10. Featuring cutting-edge ComfortFit technology, immersive Dolby Atmos with Spatial Sound, and advanced Active Noise Cancellation, these true wireless earbuds offer unparalleled audio clarity and comfort. Connect effortlessly to multiple devices with Bluetooth Multipoint, and enjoy up to 27 hours of battery life. Whether for work or leisure, the Elite 10 earbuds in Gloss Black deliver superior sound to move you.
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Jabra Elite 4 Active Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Earbuds Sport Earbuds – Black

Elevate Your Workout with Jabra Elite 4 Active Earbuds - Black: Power through your most demanding sessions with these high-performance sports earbuds. Equipped with advanced noise cancellation and a waterproof design, the Jabra Elite 4 Active earbuds are built to enhance focus and endurance. Featuring Bluetooth 5.2 for flawless connectivity, up to 28 hours of battery life, and a secure fit, they are the perfect companion for any fitness enthusiast looking for premium sound and functionality in a sleek black finish.
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Jabra Elite 4 Active Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Earbuds Sport Earbuds – Mint

Stay Active with Style: Jabra Elite 4 Active Earbuds - Mint Power through your workouts with the Jabra Elite 4 Active Wireless Earbuds in a refreshing Mint finish. Designed for athletes, these earbuds offer advanced noise cancellation, a secure fit, and waterproof durability. Enjoy crystal-clear sound quality with 6mm speakers and up to 35 hours of battery life. Whether you're hitting the gym or the trails, these earbuds keep you connected and motivated with seamless Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and intuitive touch controls. Get ready to elevate your fitness routine with unbeatable sound and performance!
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Jabra Elite 4 Active Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Earbuds Sport Earbuds – Navy

Master Your Workouts with Jabra Elite 4 Active Earbuds in Navy: Dive into your fitness routine with the Jabra Elite 4 Active Earbuds, designed for the athletic soul. Featuring advanced noise cancellation, these earbuds let you focus purely on your performance without distractions. With an IP57 waterproof rating, they're ready to face any intense workout or weather conditions. Enjoy crystal-clear sound through 6mm speakers, and stay connected effortlessly with Bluetooth 5.2. With up to 35 hours of battery life, these navy-blue earbuds are your ultimate workout partner.
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Jabra Elite 4 True Wireless Earbuds – Light Beige

Discover the Perfect Blend of Style and Performance with Jabra Elite 4 True Wireless Earbuds in Light Beige: Elevate your listening experience with the sleek, sophisticated Jabra Elite 4 Earbuds. Featuring advanced Active Noise Cancellation, crystal-clear sound quality, and a stylish light beige finish, these earbuds are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy music, podcasts, and calls without distraction. Enjoy up to 28 hours of battery life, IPX4 water resistance, and seamless Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. Step into a world of superior sound and effortless style with the Jabra Elite 4.
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Standard, Digital & Custom Ear Plugs: Protect Your Hearing with Our Wide Range of Options
At HearFIT, we understand the importance of protecting your hearing, whether it’s for work or leisure activities. That’s why we offer a wide range of ear plugs, including standard, digital, and custom options, to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.
Standard Ear Plugs
Our standard ear plugs are an affordable and effective way to protect your hearing. They are made from high-quality materials and come in a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Our standard ear plugs are perfect for use in a variety of environments, including industrial settings, concerts, and sports events.
Digital Ear Plugs
For those looking for a more advanced option, we offer digital ear plugs. These ear plugs use digital technology to enhance sound quality while still protecting your hearing from loud noises. They are perfect for musicians, sound engineers, and anyone who needs to hear high-quality sound while also protecting their hearing.
Custom Ear Plugs
If you are looking for a truly customized solution, our custom ear plugs are the perfect option for you. We offer a range of custom ear plugs, including those designed for musicians, industrial workers, and swimmers. Our custom ear plugs are made to fit your ear precisely, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit that offers maximum protection.
Why Choose HearFIT Ear Plugs?
At HearFIT, we are committed to providing high-quality ear plugs that offer superior protection and comfort. Our ear plugs are made from the best materials and are designed to fit securely in your ear, providing the protection you need in a variety of environments. We also offer affordable pricing and fast, free shipping on all orders.
Shop Ear Plugs at HearFIT
Whether you are looking for standard ear plugs, digital ear plugs, or custom ear plugs, HearFIT has you covered. Browse our selection today to find the perfect fit for your needs and enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders. Protect your hearing with HearFIT.