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Flents Silicone Earplugs- 6/pk

Introducing Silaflex Soft Silicone Ear Plugs – the ultimate solution for safeguarding water-sensitive ears during aquatic activities like swimming, bathing, and showering. Crafted from a supple and smooth silicone material, Silaflex Ear Plugs offer unparalleled comfort and protection. This pliable composition effortlessly conforms to ears of all sizes, ensuring a secure and customized fit. The added benefit of being washable allows for repeated usage, making them an economical choice for long-term protection.
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Hocks Noise Braker Earplugs- 1 Pair

Introducing the Hocks Noise Braker, a cutting-edge hearing protection solution that harnesses the power of a fundamental Law of Physics known as "The Accelerated Resonant Decay Principle." This principle revolves around the concept that energy cannot be created or annihilated, but it can be transformed from one form to another.
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Marsona Pillow Speakers with In-Line Volume Control

  • Experience gentle sound with ease. Effortlessly slip these speakers into your pillowcase and link them to your Marsona SOUND MACHINE for a restful night, or connect them to a CD player, TV, MP3 player, iPod, laptop, or other entertainment source of your choice.


    • Superior stereo sound quality featuring a 4 ohm 2-watt speaker output
    • Compact design for minimal disturbance in sleep environments
    • 3.5mm plug compatible with most popular electronic output jacks
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Phonak Serenity Choice Comfort


Serenity Choice™ is the ultimate hearing protection solution for all of your needs. Our range of products provide superior comfort and sound reduction, while allowing you to still remain aware of relevant sounds and speech around you. Whether you’re looking to protect your ears from loud noises such as concerts or sporting events, or are just wanting a more comfortable way to block out environmental noise, Serenity Choice™ has you covered.

With our selection of custom-fit plugs and ear muffs, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect hearing protection solution for every occasion. Don’t let loud noises ruin your day anymore; try Serenity Choice™ today for unbeatable comfort and sound reduction.

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Phonak Serenity Choice Music

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Enjoy Music Safely with Serenity Choice™

Do you love going to concerts and other live music performances but worry about damaging your hearing? With Serenity Choice™, you can now enjoy music safely in any live setting. Our patented technology reduces sound levels by 17 dB while still maintaining the clarity of sound, allowing you to listen to music as loud as 102 dB for up to 8 hours without worrying about damaging your hearing.

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Phonak Serenity Choice Shooting


Serenity Choice™ Hunting & Shooting has revolutionized the way gun enthusiasts enjoy their sport. Our patented impulse filter technology keeps your hearing safe from peak sound pressure levels of gunshots, artillery fire and explosions, reducing them to safe levels that won't cause long-term damage.

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Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep


Are you one of the millions who suffer from snoring? Tired of being kept up at night due to endless noise and disruption? We have the perfect solution: Serenity Choice™ Sleep.

It is a revolutionary product that reduces noise levels caused by snoring up to 24 dB. That's a huge difference when you consider that moderate snoring can reach 50-60 dB while severe snoring could be as loud as 90 dB, the same noise level as a car horn!

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Phonak Serenity Choice Sport


Serenity Choice™ Sport offers the perfect combination of comfort and protection. With universal fit earpieces designed to fit into the helmet liner without affecting performance or safety, this hearing protector provides discreet protection from dangerously loud noises while still allowing regular speech to pass through clearly.

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Phonak Serenity Choice Work


Serenity Choice™ Work stands as versatile, eco-friendly hearing defense, crafted to serve as essential Personal Protective Equipment within clamorous work settings such as industrial workshops, agricultural landscapes, infrastructure development, and construction zones. This innovation is indispensable wherever well-being and security dictate the implementation of auditory safeguarding, notably in scenarios surpassing the recommended 85 dB noise threshold.

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QuietOn 3.1 Sleep Earbuds

With QuietOn, the world's best active noise-canceling earbuds, you're just one click away from experiencing the blissful restorative power of restful sleep. It is perfect for travel, noisy environments, commuters, and those living in noisy neighborhoods. These innovative earplugs are ideal for everyone, from frequent travelers who want to drown out the din of the airplane cabin or motorcycle engine.

Discover the epitome of tranquility with our advanced Noise Cancelling Earbuds, meticulously designed to provide uninterrupted serenity during sleep. Our expertly crafted, world's smallest ANC earbuds offer a premium blend of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology and passive noise reduction, ensuring a peaceful oasis free from disturbances such as snoring and urban clamor. Tailored specifically for sleep, these earbuds deliver comfort and efficacy, making them perfect for side sleepers.

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QuietOn active Noise Cancelling earplugs Regular

With QuietOn, the world's best active noise-cancelling earbuds, you're just one click away from experiencing the blissful restorative power of restful sleep. It is perfect for travel, noisy environments, commuters, and those living in noisy neighbourhoods. These innovative earplugs are ideal for everyone, from frequent travellers who want to drown out the din of the aeroplane cabin or motorcycle engine.
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QuietOn Pro noise-canceling earplugs

QuietOn Dental active noise-canceling earplugs are the ideal solution to protect hearing and reduce anxiety while in a dental office setting. The optimized technology allows users to block out most of the audible spectrum of dental office noise while still being able to communicate with both patients and staff. Make appointments more pleasant, no matter what type of patient is visiting, by recommending QuietOn earplugs; they help create a better experience all around!
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