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Doc’s Proplug Fitting System Kit


Our meticulously crafted Fitting Set serves as your guide to pinpointing the perfect size for your Doc's Proplugs. Within this set, you'll find a comprehensive assortment containing both left and right options across all eight sizes, available in both Vented and Non-Vented (Solid) variants. By trying out the range of sizes and styles, you can accurately determine the one that fits you snugly.

E-A-R Classic Protectors -200 Pairs

Get protection you can trust with 3M™ E-A-R™ Classic Earplugs! These premium earplugs provide dependable hearing protection in any situation, with a 29dB NRR to reduce noise effectively. Their cylindrical shape creates a snug fit in your ear canal that fits both men and women and ensures a comfortable experience. Plus, with the 3M™ E-ARfit Validation System, you know that you’re getting the best hearing protection available. Get the most out of every moment with proven safety - protect your ears now with 3M™ E-A-R™ Classic Earplugs!

E-A-R-Express Pod Plugs-100 Pairs

Delivering lasting comfort and premium safety to your ears, E-A-R Express Pod Plugs are the perfect way to protect your hearing. Soft yet durable foam is engineered to conform snugly with the contours of your ear canal for a secure fit. An extra wide paddle grip completes the convenience by providing an easy, hassle-free way to insert the ear plug—while also staying put throughout rigorous activities. Plus, the 100 pairs allow you to rest assured that you’re fully protecting yourself. Whether on the job or at home, these plugs will ensure that your ears are well guarded from hazardous noise levels and environmental irritants. With E-A-R Express Pod Plugs, you can trust in premium protection as you go about your day.

Earplanes- Adult- 12/box

Get ready to fly in comfort with EarPlanes™! These revolutionary ear plugs are designed specifically for travelers who suffer from ear discomfort during takeoff and landing. They provide exceptional noise suppression as well as reduce congestion—perfect for those who have allergies or must fly while suffering from a cold. With these air pressure regulating ear plugs, you enter a worry-free flight that’s improved by the added comfort of sound-dampening foam. Unlike conventional foam ear plugs, Earplane™ features special air

Earplanes- Child- 12/box


Introducing Earplanes™, a revolutionary disposable Ear Plug System designed to eliminate ear pain and discomfort during air travel. At the heart of Earplanes™ lies the innovative patented CeramX™ filter, a technological marvel that transforms your flying experience. This advanced filter is meticulously crafted to enable the natural adjustment of air entering the ear, seamlessly adapting to the shifting air pressure during takeoff and landing.

Etymotic Research High-Fidelity Earplug Professional Musician ER-20


Introducing patented 'Hi-Fi' technology ear plugs, a revolutionary advancement equipped with an integrated tuned resonator and acoustic resistor. This ingenious design empowers users to experience the world with natural clarity while selectively attenuating a portion of high-intensity noise or sound. In stark contrast to traditional ear plugs that provide maximal sound reduction, innovation strikes the perfect balance between preserving auditory richness and diminishing unwanted noise.

Flents Silicone Earplugs- 6/pk

Introducing Silaflex Soft Silicone Ear Plugs – the ultimate solution for safeguarding water-sensitive ears during aquatic activities like swimming, bathing, and showering. Crafted from a supple and smooth silicone material, Silaflex Ear Plugs offer unparalleled comfort and protection. This pliable composition effortlessly conforms to ears of all sizes, ensuring a secure and customized fit. The added benefit of being washable allows for repeated usage, making them an economical choice for long-term protection.

Hocks Noise Braker Earplugs- 1 Pair

Introducing the Hocks Noise Braker, a cutting-edge hearing protection solution that harnesses the power of a fundamental Law of Physics known as "The Accelerated Resonant Decay Principle." This principle revolves around the concept that energy cannot be created or annihilated, but it can be transformed from one form to another.

Phonak Serenity Choice Comfort


Serenity Choice™ is the ultimate hearing protection solution for all of your needs. Our range of products provide superior comfort and sound reduction, while allowing you to still remain aware of relevant sounds and speech around you. Whether you’re looking to protect your ears from loud noises such as concerts or sporting events, or are just wanting a more comfortable way to block out environmental noise, Serenity Choice™ has you covered.

With our selection of custom-fit plugs and ear muffs, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect hearing protection solution for every occasion. Don’t let loud noises ruin your day anymore; try Serenity Choice™ today for unbeatable comfort and sound reduction.

Phonak Serenity Choice Music


Enjoy Music Safely with Serenity Choice™

Do you love going to concerts and other live music performances but worry about damaging your hearing? With Serenity Choice™, you can now enjoy music safely in any live setting. Our patented technology reduces sound levels by 17 dB while still maintaining the clarity of sound, allowing you to listen to music as loud as 102 dB for up to 8 hours without worrying about damaging your hearing.

Phonak Serenity Choice Shooting


Serenity Choice™ Hunting & Shooting has revolutionized the way gun enthusiasts enjoy their sport. Our patented impulse filter technology keeps your hearing safe from peak sound pressure levels of gunshots, artillery fire and explosions, reducing them to safe levels that won't cause long-term damage.

Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep


Are you one of the millions who suffer from snoring? Tired of being kept up at night due to endless noise and disruption? We have the perfect solution: Serenity Choice™ Sleep.

It is a revolutionary product that reduces noise levels caused by snoring up to 24 dB. That's a huge difference when you consider that moderate snoring can reach 50-60 dB while severe snoring could be as loud as 90 dB, the same noise level as a car horn!

Noise Protection Devices: Protect Your Hearing in Loud Environments
At HearFIT, we understand that loud noises can be harmful to your hearing, which is why we offer a wide range of noise protection devices. Our products are designed to reduce harmful noise levels while still allowing you to hear important sounds around you. Whether you’re working in a noisy environment, attending a concert or sporting event, or using power tools, our noise protection devices can help you protect your hearing.
Why Use Noise Protection Devices?
Noise protection devices are designed to protect your hearing from loud noises that can damage your hearing over time. Exposure to loud noises can lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, and other related issues, but by using noise protection devices, you can reduce harmful noise levels while still being able to hear important sounds around you.
Our Noise Protection Device Products
At HearFIT, we offer a variety of noise protection devices to meet your individual needs. Our products are designed to be comfortable and effective, providing the protection you need in loud environments. We carry noise protection devices in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your ears.
Shop Noise Protection Devices at HearFIT
At HearFIT, we are committed to providing high-quality noise protection devices to protect your hearing in loud environments. Our products are affordable and effective, making them a great addition to your daily routine. Shop our selection today and enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders.