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Phonak Serenity Choice Sleep


Are you one of the millions who suffer from snoring? Tired of being kept up at night due to endless noise and disruption? We have the perfect solution: Serenity Choice™ Sleep.

It is a revolutionary product that reduces noise levels caused by snoring up to 24 dB. That's a huge difference when you consider that moderate snoring can reach 50-60 dB while severe snoring could be as loud as 90 dB, the same noise level as a car horn!

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Sleep Plugs:

Get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep with Our High-Quality Earplugs

At HearFIT, we understand that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your health and well-being, which is why we offer a range of high-quality sleep plugs. Our sleep plugs are designed to block out noise and other disturbances, allowing you to get a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Whether you’re dealing with a snoring partner, noisy neighbors, or other sleep disruptions, our sleep plugs can help you get the rest you need.

Why Use Sleep Plugs?

Sleep plugs are designed to help you get a good night’s sleep by blocking out noise and other disturbances. They are especially useful for individuals who are sensitive to noise or who live in noisy environments. Our sleep plugs are designed to be comfortable and effective, providing the peace and quiet you need to get a restful night’s sleep.

Our Sleep Plug Products

At HearFIT, we offer a range of sleep plugs to meet your individual needs.

Sleep Plugin for EarPlanes:

EarPlanes, the popular pressure-filtering earplugs, not only provide relief during flights but can also be used as a sleep plugin. Designed to alleviate ear discomfort, clogging, and popping, EarPlanes can contribute to a more peaceful and restful sleep experience.

Many users have found EarPlanes effective in reducing noise and creating a tranquil environment for sleeping. The unique CeramX™ filter acts as a barrier against unwanted pressure changes, which can help minimize disturbances from external sounds.

By wearing EarPlanes as a sleep plugin, individuals can enjoy a quieter sleep environment, whether at home or while traveling. The soft hypoallergenic silicone material ensures comfort throughout the night, allowing for uninterrupted rest.

Doc’s ProPlugs:

Doc’s ProPlugs, an alternative option for ear protection during sleep, are custom-fitted earplugs designed to prevent water from entering the ears. While primarily used for swimming and water-related activities, they can also be used as sleep plugins.

These earplugs are made from hypoallergenic silicone and offer a personalized fit, providing a secure seal that blocks out noise and prevents water from reaching the ear canal. The comfortable design ensures a snug fit, allowing individuals to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.


While Phonak is primarily known for its hearing aids, it also offers sleep plugins designed to enhance sleep quality. Phonak SleepPlugs are custom-made earplugs crafted from soft silicone material.

These sleep plugins are designed to reduce noise levels and provide a comfortable fit, allowing individuals to achieve more restful sleep. The custom mold ensures optimal effectiveness, blocking out unwanted sounds and promoting a calm sleeping environment.

Whether you choose EarPlanes, Doc’s ProPlugs, or Phonak SleepPlugs, utilizing these sleep plugins can contribute to a better night’s sleep by reducing noise disturbances and creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

Shop Sleep Plugs at HearFIT

At HearFIT, we are committed to providing high-quality sleep plugs to help you get a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Our products are affordable and effective, making them a great addition to your daily routine. Shop our selection today and enjoy fast and free shipping on all orders.