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The Newest ‘Truly Wireless Earbuds’ for 2018

newest truly wireless earbuds for 2018

Apple has created a whole new market channel with the removal of the earphone jack from their latest iPhones.  This has not only created the push to Bluetooth earphones but to what’s now being called ‘truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds’ with the launch of Air.  Up till now most Bluetooth headphones and earbuds still had some sort of a wire connecting them.

While Apple has started with a domination in this market, simply because of the sheer number of iPhone users but is likely going to come to an end as other companies are coming out with truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds.  These include brands like Jabra, Bose, Skullcandy and more. But all these products all focus on playing music, answering calls and not much more.  A new company is emerging in the truly wireless earbud market that can offer exceptional sound quality, the ability to answer calls, but also a lot more!


This then begs to add another adjective to that long title of ‘truly wireless Bluetooth earbud’ and that’s SMART.  Smart in that it offers its own app to control and customize its functionality with features like:


Get better audio while in noisy places like restaurants or your daily commute by train or bus!


Hear speech better no matter what environment, whether it’s a lecture hall, noisy bar or a crowded and noisy office space.


Through the app you can choose to tune in or out the world around you.  Out for a run, make sure you can hear the traffic around you.  On a trip on an airplane, tune out the engine.


It’s smart when your earbuds can outlast the competition.  Read a comparison here:


“If you’re “pub deaf” like me, if you know what it means to sit there smiling serenely at people who are talking to you when you have no idea what they are talking about, the IQbuds could well be the most exciting gadget to come out in 2017.”


Whether you have mild hearing loss or not their amazing sound quality and smart technology is causing quite the buzz.   The uses are endless from; traveling with friends and utilizing the noise cancelling features to eliminate travel noise from trains and planes while not isolating your friends; enjoy a conversation in a loud bar or restaurant; or work with music but also still able to converse with your boss when approached without having to obviously take your headphones out; while out for a walk at night you are situationally aware of the traffic or people walking around you while also being able to enjoy your music.

How can any other wireless Bluetooth earbud possibly compare?

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